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October 13, 2006


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This prove right here. The governor, D A, and judge ain't doing nothing but gaming on Mychal Bell. This is a doggon shame. Enough is Enough. When somebody show you who they are, what they say ain't nothin' but shit.




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Frederick Adkins

The thing that I really can"t except is the klan backing hitler.The killing of all those children.In world war 2.When I joined the klan 56 years ago it was all different I beleave in the old klan it was made up of men,not teens.Threw the years the teens being in the klan in my eyes has only cause the klan to be hated.A lot only for the sake of thinking this makes them a man,When most of them have no ass to back any statement.My family goes back to 1868 and beleave me none of them favor hitler;the klan i favor is enforceing law and order when the law can"t;;its called an eye for an eye tooth for a the algiers seven police officers beleaved.this is what the klan was formed on do some history reading and you"ll see.

Frederick Adkins

A for new orleans lived their 17 years.and in the 17 years i find the drug dealers work for new oleans.they are pick up on the steet for dealing right.the court takes the drugs and money then puts the dealer back on the street till the next time the city makes thousands of dollars this way.I say put the dealer away for years because he dont care who he sells to as long as he gets money''as for illegal imigration the boat that brought them here sould take them back the same they came.the goverment of this country that i once loved has taken to many jobs away from the american people and gave to the illegals.we all now this but the goverment being as it is we the american peoplr can"t do shit and it is a shame.I always was told the goverment was for the people and govered by the people,,,That is one big joke.We all know the ass holes in washington do what they want and we the american back bone of this country cant do shit about it.In short we are screwed on we have to live with it.At one time in my life my head was held high and proud because I was an american,Well my old head has dropped because I am nolonger proud of my country Washington is selling and giving a little more of it away every day.What has happened to the good people of this country.Maybe washington will wake up when all these dam illegals take over washington and put the american on the streets;;And this is what is going to happen.Hell ya the illegals are comeing here by the loads FREE MONEY hell ya America better wake up before its to late,,take my weapon hell no only out of my dead hands,


And as for David Duke I really think he was fingered,for his law breaking,as we all know some people can do a crime and goverment,state,and local will turn back to it.BUT when it come to some one like david duke trust me the dam NAACP know every move he makes.I say the NAACP is made up of a bunch of clowns.And hafe of them being ex cons.I feel the soul perpose of the NAACP is to keep shit stinking between whites and black.And our goverment is scared of the NAACP so the went after david its a fact check my words.I have been a david duke backer for thirty eight years.and if I live long enough for another thirty eight years.David duke is a man of his word and he has the mind to back any statment he make.LETS HERE A HELL YA FOR DAVID DUKE

frederick adkins

Down with the NAACP,why you ask the goverment has gave the naacp to much power.In Palm Beach Fla a world war one monument was removed and replaced with a monument honoring Martin Luter King,In Pa civil war monument was replaced with a monument of King.All this was done by the reqwest of the Naacp or sould I say by the order of the Naacp.Lets face it folks Martin Lute King wasn"t nothing but a DRAFT DODGING SONOFABITCH That would not serve his country in time of its need.Because he said he didn"t beleave in vilance bull she King went from stat to state causeing all sort of drouble;the same with mohmit the boxer ,Draft dodger didnt beleave in vilance againe bull shit he gets in a ring and beats the hell out of a man but that isnt vilant thats sports rats ass ,they sould have sent his ass to viet nam gave him a weapon and told him fight or die negor.But all these ass kissing negor loving librals need to go to hell.And when some negor raps you children remember it is you doings.People need to pay attion to what David Duke is trying to tell the white people of this country ( the try white people )before its to fucking late

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Its like the UN and EU using a black face like Obama to kill Africans

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