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October 30, 2006


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Monica R.

I remember hearing about the bigfoot hopping towns. Every 3 or 4 years, this bigfoot would pop up and scare the hell out of someone. I think that the Catholic church would send someone out, to bless the areas and it would go away. Do you remember that?

Sharon Mounier

Sigh...Get into a good Holy Ghost Spirit filled church and you will learn a lot about "spiritual war fare".....Demons just can't possess people or take over places they have to be granted "authority"!!!!

I have had plenty of experiences with the spirit world, paranormal and demons and when you are in constant contact with members of the Federal government like I am don't think that people and entities don't constantlly watch you....

ken meaux

would like to contact people to help me work on a television show in the making on such weirdness in south louisiana

Elizabeth M.

Actually sharon you are wrong...They can possess you when ever they want will or no will i don't know what kind of demons you deal with and what kind of storys you have heard but i have had my fair share of encounters christian demon's are'nt the only one's that exist...But i am simply stating my factual opinion as for this article it is a bit hard to believe in some area's but they are correct in some areas generational curses are very common most people just don't notice.

ken meaux

I will be working on a tv series now of such activity in louisiana...ken meaux

Nic Duplessis

Wow I have been so busy with this oil spill that and learning some curses from my family books, that I forgot I even wrote this post. I am working on the ultimate and most authentic book of louisiana voodoo ever created.

Nic Duplessis

I checked out yourwebsite Ken. Very Nice. Classic


send info on voodoo book of louisiana when complete

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Some people who hallucinates get the experience of knowing some interdimensional beings, some are bad and some are good, it is a sensation of been with a presence that at first is scary but at the end they described the experience as incredible.

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He also leads a bulletin pilgrimage to the cemetery in Holtville, where he brings flowers and wood crosses to honor dead border crossers.

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