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November 05, 2006


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You know, I never heard that Mother Delille was an African , I can not say that any balck American is an African of pure blood I would say about 20 oercent of the black population in America may be of some full percentage of African blood, I am creole and I just have to believe the reason why I am so beautiful is because I have the blood of Africa in my blood and that I am ixed with european and native american blood as well. I do understand that you have a extreme pride on your site and there are a lot of misunderstanding , but I kid you not if there was no slavery of Africans and the whole fear of Africans and misunderstandings with them , and the rapes of Africans in America during slavery there would be no creole woman like the ones you have on your site. i have seen just white and indian mixes and that is nothing really to throw your hat at baby, and the whole seduction of voodoo although a sterotype I know you would probably run for your life if a real creole woamn were to throw some roots at ya, something her black mother or grandmother taught her, and as for the creole woman just written down in history as a high yellow mistress and super prostitute that men came all around for , is so linked to the sterotypes of all women of African ancestory really. I remember walking down the streets in New Orleans and white men jumping out of their seats to see if I could give them a stare to full fill their fantasy of what they think of a balck woman mixed with european and native american bllod will do. I mean I also lived in Italy for 6 years and I think I have heard it all. I knwo this won't change your views, but I thought I would throw in my opinion. We are pretty women, but I must tell you my Cherokee grandmother is pretty brown and she is full blood. AnywayAll is good with the world I will probably add to the creole line with a child that has some Italian blood ,when it's my time to have my babies. Anyway , I get tired of all the color stuff amongs creoles, My sister is a lot lighter then I am but we are all creole and a large percent of my family is mixed down to blacks with out creole hertiage, my brother is married to a Irish woman and they have a new creole.. my sister's boy looks creole,, but in the end we are all just people. But I do understand your site and the pride that you are trying to get across. But just to say most white folks that read your site are probably not creole or have any creole history at all,it's just a fantasy to try to understand... so many of them are new americans they don't know anthing about New Orleans and Lousiana except that they were having parties with mixed balck girls and no matter how many times you want to break it down there would be no creole history with out those Black slaves that gave birth to mulatto babies, Mulatto means Mule and man , this is what the spanish called the slaves working in the field. Lots of love to you, peace and positivity to you, too!


oh and to recollection Mother Delille di very much have African ancestory in her family, I believe she was as proud as a octoroon could be, the law was that white could not marry black and if one had 1/4 of balck African blood , they were considered Black , I do find fault with calling everyone African American today, I also find it ashame that were are not given a choice about that title either, I find amny people that don't like it and many people who look other then african but are of black blood that embrace it. I like creole or a person of color.


I think you got some vocabulary confused. Cannonizing a person means you are in the process of making that person a saint. i believe that you want to say that she was in the process of taking vows. A person who is living is rarely canonized by the Church. The process is long and arduous. The person during their life or after their death would have had to have miracles performed. Hence, why John Paul II is being considered for canonization because people say that miracles were performed after his death when people touched him after he died.

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